CENTZ ITO delayed

CENTZ’s much-anticipated ITO will be delayed until further notice, stating that the owners of Centz, in view of the most recent developments, need to double-check the legal arrangements regarding USA citizens participating in the crowdsale. It is commendable that CENTZ has this view and observes the highest professional standards in conducting business.
Participants may
  • Hold on to their tokens until the confirmed, official ITO takes place
  • Convert their tokens to OBITS
  • Have their funds returned to them upon request by emailing Ronny Boesing at ronny@ccedk.com
We apologize for any inconvenieces this may have caused you.

It just makes CENTZ!

Use up all of your money trapped in your gift cards

Centz has designed a completely new business model by integrating unique patent pending features into our platform that solves the industry problems from end-to-end. This provides a positive and fun experience that focuses solely on our consumers. Centz’s business model bridges the gaps between consumer desire and the reality of gift card usage and redefines the gift card marketplace, making the gift card experience revolutionary, seamless, safe and easy.

Buy the gift cards you want when you want
Control who, how and where your gift cards are used
Maximize your unused gift card balances
Bank your credits to use for that special occasion

CENTZ' Early Birds

Crowdfunding allows you to participate in early rounds of equity funding, which up until now, has been the exclusive territory of the super rich and provides you with the largest outsized risk-adjusted returns compared to any investment.

Become a venture capitalist with Centz

How it works

4 easy steps to convert your gift cards into money

  • 1 Registration
    Register all gift cards into your Centz mobile wallet.
  • 2 Conversion
    All your gift card balances are combined into one lump sum, which are converted into Centz Gold Bucks.
  • 3 Spending
    Once you’ve accumulated your Centz Gold Bucks, they are spendable on Centz’s platform at any time for the gift card you really want.
  • 4 Profit
    You can now use every last Centz of all your gift cards and never leave them behind.


  • CENTZ Early Bird sale starts. Now is the time to test get the best deal on Centz tokens.

  • CENTZ ICO goes LIVE. The Early birds are not for sale anymore.

  • CENTZ ICO period. Aiming for a funding of $ 7.000.000 with $ 3.000.000 we will build Centz.

  • Launch of CENTZ.

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The Founders and Partners

  • Greg Belken

    CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

    He is a veteran Software Engineer with over 15 years experience in building websites and applications. His experience ranges from Internet startups to established websites in the Top 50 by traffic. Mr. Belken has recently completed a project where he helped architect and implement a custom computer cluster utilizing Docker Swarm. Previously, Mr. Belken helped launch Athletics2000.com, (acquired by 8 to 18) a leading website used by hundreds of high schools to manage their sports programs. He has experience with many different technologies and languages but is most skilled at C# and Javascript (nodejs) to build high availability applications.

  • Mark R. Smelcer

    CPO (Chief Payments Officer)

    He brings over 14 years experience in the IT field. For the last 8 years, Mr. Smelcer has worked for a major digital payments provider working on products for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. In addition, Mr. Smelcer has in-depth experience constructing and utilizing mobile application tap payments and DSRP payment systems. Mr. Smelcer has experience with Java web services and apps dealing with credit card monitoring and settlement, card authorization and fraud settlement. Additionally, Mr. Smelcer has expertise with smart data where he developed mobile and web applications for big data farming operations. Mr. Smelcer has created corporate virtual cards that could only be spent at certain types of places or on certain types of transactions.

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